Why one more Online Gift Store

Why one more Online Gift Store

We were having a class at the NSIC’S Entrepreneurship Development Program and we encountered our very first teacher who asked us to share, what problem we want to solve in the future? Like any fresher business freak, we told her that we want to build an online store like any other store using our technical skills….. she stopped us and told us, “No one can take control of the market if they perform like usual.” Yes, this settled deep in our mind and we started thinking -brainstorming – the need in which we can come out as unique in the market.

We have come far and now we have relations with the industrial leaders who provide solutions in bulk and make everything look cheaper when one has the quantity to buy. It also triggered us than providing customization to everyone’s need is a problem because not all can actually buy the bulk- wholesale- quantity & from there we met the aforesaid uniqueness and also the problem of the current market even arising opportunity to solve this issue of ‘Personalized Apparels for Everyone’. After all, we are the bunch of freshly graduated students who were not accepted in the interviews of this economy crashing time.

PRINT ON DEMAND APPARELS – for single quantity-for everyone

We recognise the taste-preference-pattern and understanding of everyone as unique and special. So we provide you in front a platform where anyone can scratch-draw-redefine its art and make something trending which originates from you. We guarantee you the quality and price.

We are committed to adding more and more product to our portfolio that fit the masses pocket 🙂

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